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Volunteer at The Bridge!

The Bridge Coffee House is looking for fun, reliable volunteers to help make it happen! There are two types of volunteers we need to help us continue to serve the community: 


Delivery Volunteer                                                                          

  • Deliver drinks and/or food to customers in the New Town and Charlestowne neighborhood.        

  • Must be okay with using your own vehicle.                                                  

  • When there are not deliveries to be made, the volunteer will help put together curbside pick up orders and sanitize/clean the coffee shop.                          

  • Helps staff with other basic duties that arise.


Barista Support Volunteer 

  • Has the option to eventually learn how to make basic drinks. 

  • Assists with serving customers through curbside pick up. 

  • Sanitizes and cleans the coffee shop. 

  • Helps with taking mobile orders. 

  • Helps staff with other basic duties that arise. 


Additional Expectations:

  • We would prefer volunteers to help out for at least a few shifts, if possible!

    • Let us know how long you intend to volunteer for in the "Why would you like to be a volunteer at The Bridge?" section

  • Attendance is expected for scheduled shifts and a phone call or email is appreciated if the volunteer is not able to be present for their shift.

  • We would like for our volunteers to have set weekly schedules, with the option to switch shifts with other volunteers if needed. Please only choose days and times that you're available every week. 

Additional Information:

  • Health and safety is very important to us. We are continuing to abide by health official recommendations.

  • Volunteers get a free drink per shift!

Volunteer Application
Which type of volunteer would you like to be?
What time of the day are you available to volunteer?
What days of the week are you able to volunteer?
How many volunteer shifts would you like per week?

Thank you for applying!

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