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Cold Brew/Iced Latte Kits

20 oz of cold brew concentrate - makes 5 drinks!

$12 each

Add flavor for $4

Add carton of alternative milk for $5

(almond, soy, coconut, or oat)

Drink Menu

Flavor Offerings (may vary):

almond*, blackberry, cinnamon, caramel*, coconut, creme de menthe, dark mocha*, Irish cream, lavender, lime, orange, peppermint, raspberry, roasted hazelnut, root beer, rose, salted caramel*, strawberry, sugarcane cola, toffee nut, vanilla*, white mocha

* sugar free available

Extras - $0.75


espresso shot


soy milk

almond milk

oat milk

coconut milk

chocolate chips

peanut butter (for food or blended drinks only)

Breakfast Menu

Served all day long

Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich - $4.95

Comes with 1 egg

Choose one item from each category:

Bread: English muffin or bagel (plain, everything, parmesan)

Meat: Sausage, bacon, or Canadian bacon

Cheese: Gouda, Swiss, mozzarella, or cheddar

Bagel - $1.75

Plain, everything, parmesan, cinnamon raisin

Cream cheese or peanut butter - $.75

Butter or jelly - no additional cost

Muffin - $2.50

Flavors vary

Oatmeal - $3.50

Nuts and Seeds

Sweet Things Bakery Scones - $2.50

Flavors vary

Aussie Bites - $1.75

Organic oatmeal-based snack bites

Fit Frappe - $5.75

Vanilla or chocolate

Protein shake with 19 vitamins and minerals. 

Smoothie - $4.00

Strawberry and Banana, 4 Berry, Pineapple, or Mango

Clif Bar - $1.75

Annie's Fruit Snacks - $.75

Grilled Cheese - Comes with bag of chips

Triple Grilled Cheese - $5.50

Swiss, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese on sourdough

Pesto Grilled Cheese - $6.00

Mozzarella and pesto on wheat bread

Do Gouda - $6.00

Smoked Gouda and mozzarella on sourdough

Bag of chips or popcorn - $1.00

Sweet Things Bakery Cookies - $2.00

Flavors vary

Lunch Menu

Served all day long